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This completely plug and play multigauge pack is available for late model 95-97 FZJ80/LX450 WITH 1HD-FTE SWAPPED DIESEL ENGINES. This kit will only work if your wiring harness has been configured to accept an OBD2 Port. Again, this is only if you have a 1HD-FTE engine swap. For gasoline 1fz-fe 80 series please see our 1fz-fe multigauge.



This is a full featured OBD2 compatible touch screen gauge system that replaces the factory clock. This product is plug and play and uses a simple Bluetooth OBD2 dongle to transmit OBD2 data wirelessly to the screen. What makes this different from other OBD2 gauges is that it ALSO accepts external sensors and includes a built in inclinometer.


Forget all of the separate gauges, gauge pods and multitude of wiring that goes along with them cluttering up your dash.


Trans Temp and Oil Pressure, and EGT are NOT transmitted over OBD2 in for the 1HD-FTE engines. Our kit has additional inputs for these sensors (additional sensor kits sold separately). Transmission temp and EGT is very important for pulling grades or towing. In addition to transmission temperature, we also offer oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, and boost as external gauge packages.


This kit accepts wireless updates that use no special software. Any device with a web browser can install updates while the product is installed in the dash! No internet or wires needed. In the future, we can easily provide more features or improvements which can simply be flashed into the unit.


Don't like the blatant Lutz Auto branding on the splash screen? No problem, you can change the startup screen to any image you want by inserting a micro SD card with a custom splash screen that can be created in any image editor (even MS Paint).


**Note this device does not actually have a clock... adding a clock makes things more complicated and we chose to leave the clock out. Most people have a clock on the stereo and won't miss the original time piece.



Plug and Play (no wire cutting needed)

OBD2 Live Data via Bluetooth (see below)

Optional External Gauges (see below)


Backlight dims automatically when headlights are turnned on

OBD2 dongle sleeps after 30min of inactivity and will not drain battery

Full featured settings with ability to change units etc.



Whats in the Box:

Multigauge touch screen clock replacement unit

OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle

Detailed instructions



OBD2 Live data readouts (can choose 4 simultaneously):


Coolant Temp

Intake Air Temp

MAP Pressure

Boost Pressure (only works to 15psi for larger boost the external boost sensor is needed)

Engine Load

Vehicle Speed (calibratable for larger tires/gearing)

Timing Advance

Throttle Position

Short Term Fuel Trim

Long Term Fuel Trim


Optional Extra Gauge Inputs (Gauge Kits Sold Separately):

Transmission Temp

Oil Pressure

Exhaust Gas Temp


Outside Ambient Air Temperature


NOTE: Please choose either left hand or right hand drive option. The hardware is the same, but the screen will be flipped 180 degrees in the firmware. The firmware can be changed via wireless update at any time if changing from RHD to LHD for some reason.




Do not operate the unit while driving

Operating this Multigauge screen while driving could lead to accidents and serious injuries. As with all other vehicle gauges or instruments, this unit should be used and viewed only when safe to do so. The automobile driver’s attention should always be focused on safe driving.

This product is to be used as a reference only and the readings are not to be relied upon for accuracy. Lutz Auto is not responsible for any miscalibration or issues resulting from incorrect readings.







Newest Firmware

Multi-Gauge Clock Replacement for 1HDFTE Swapped 80 Series Landcruiser

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