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**NOTE: The price of these sensors have gone way up, but we still think this is the best route as it is the only quality sensor that will install directly in place of the drain plug. It is very easy to install and is reliable. You do spend a few more dollars, but it's the right stuff. **


This external gauge sensor kit will allow you to add transmission temperature to your Lutz Auto Multigauge System for 80 Series  Landcruisers/LX450s.


When towing or climbing grades, it is very helpful to know your transmission temperature. Using this kit, you can add this feature to your Lutz Auto multigauge preventing you from having to install a bunch of seperate gauges and gauge pods in your vehicle. 


The included VDO sensor will replace your 80 series Landcruiser/LX450 transmission drainplug.


You are welcome to source your own VDO sensor elsewhere or buy from us. The VDO sensor part number that we use is 323 091. It is M10x1.5 thread and will replace your transmissions drainplug. We supply a sepicial crush washer that is better than the crush washer supplied with the VDO sensor, so we suggest that you get this sensor here. 


Kit Includes:

Installation Instructions (downloadable)

VDO Temperature sender

Sealing Washer


Spade connectors

Multigauge External Transmission Temp Sensor Kit

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