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This kit allows you to adapt your factory 80 series shifter to an A750 5 speed automatic transmission from a 100 series landcruiser. This is especially useful in a full engine/transmission swap. Our kit is almost entirely plug and play and consists of a circuit board to adapt the O/D button and a shift lever to match the shift gates. A 1/8in hole needs to be drilled for the shift lever. Other than this hole, no other permanet modifications are required.


The alternative to this kit involves cutting the floor in your 80 sereis, installing the 100 series shifter (which doesn't fit well), and custom making a center console. This kit allows you to use your factory shifter and center console.




Everything works just like factory. The transmission automatically shifts normal in D. Our circuit board is only there to control manual shifting of the lever. Since the A750 has 5 gears and the 80 series shifter is for a 4 speed auto, the board is needed to shift manually.


How the O/D button operates after installation:

Thie circuit board uses contactless magnetic switches to control the manual shift from 5th gear to 4th (Overdrive off) and from 2nd to 1st using the O/D Off button.


If you are driving in D (going fast enough to be in 5th gear) and activate the O/D Off button, the transmission will shift into 4th. Deactivating the button will shift back to 5th gear. Also, if you are driving in L position, the transmission will be in 2nd gear with the O/D off button deactivated. If you activate the O/D off button, the transmission will shift into 1st gear.


Instructions (downloadable)

80 Series A750 Automatic Shifter Adapter

SKU: LTZ-80-A750
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