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Introducing our plug-and-play alarm/keyless entry adapter, designed specifically for Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with the factory RS3000 alarm system. This adapter provides a reliable solution to common issues with the RS3000 system, such as frequent failures, hard-to-find remotes, and poor remote range.


The included circuit board adapter features all necessary connectors, diodes, and circuitry, allowing you to integrate an aftermarket alarm/keyless entry system without the need to cut or splice factory wires. Simply connect your aftermarket alarm to this adapter, and plug it directly into the factory RS3000 connectors. This is the easiest and cleanest way to upgrade your alarm/keyless entry system.


Although compatible with many aftermarket alarms, this adapter is specifically designed for use with VIPER and AVITAL alarm/keyless entry systems. The included instructions are tailored to VIPER and AVITAL systems but can be referenced for other brands. Please note that while all tiers of VIPER and AVITAL systems are supported, this adapter does not support remote start functions. If you plan to use remote start, additional wiring will be required. We recommend the following alarm which is simple, economical and retains all all of the factory functions:


This kit includes:


Note: The piezo beeper (beeps on lock/unlock) on most Toyots with the RS3000 need to be replaced as they don't last 20+ years. If you vehicle doesn't beep when you lock or unlock, you can find a replacement beeper here.


IMPORTANT:Refer to the product photos for how to tell if your vehicle was factory equipped wit the RS3000 alarm system. This adapter is compatible with many Toyota and Lexus models from the 1990s and early 2000s that came with the RS3000 alarm system as an option. Please verify that your vehicle has the RS3000 alarm installed, as it was not standard on all models. A comprehensive list of compatible vehicles is available on this page.


Toyota RS3000 Alarm Adapter

  • Toyota 4Runner 90-99
    Toyota Avalon 96-99
    Toyota Camry 90-99
    Toyota Celica 90-99
    Toyota Corolla 90-02
    Toyota Cressida 90-92
    Toyota Landcruiser 90-97
    Lexus LX450 96-97
    Toyota MR2 91-94
    Toyota Paseo 92-98
    Toyota Pickup 90-95
    Toyota Rav4 96-00
    Toyota Sienna 98-00
    Toyota Supra 90-97
    Toyota T100 93-98
    Toyota Tacoma 95-01
    Toyota Tercel 90-98
    Toyota Tundra 00-02
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