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This is our take on a simple mount for the space above your 95-97 FZJ80/LX450 stereo. It is designed to hold the microphone from a hands-free stereo, a USB port (usually from stereo as well), and includes 3 - M5x.8 threaded holes for mounting accessories.


Crafted using a high-quality industrial 3D printer and UV-resistant ASA, this mount features a textured front face that blends well with the vehicle's interior, giving it a professional, non-3D printed appearance once installed.


The product photos showcase the mount with a Bullet Point mounting system, ideal for securing phones, GPS devices, and more. Please note that Bullet Point products are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately. The specific Bullet Point products shown are:


Bullet Point Stubby Arm Connector

Bullet Point Magnetic Phone Holder


Kit Includes:

Above Stereo Plastic Mount and Hardware

Above Stereo Mount for FZJ80/LX450

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