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This external gauge sensor kit will allow you to add Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) to your Lutz Auto Multigauge System for 80 Series  Landcruisers/LX450s.


When towing or climbing grades in a diesel swapped or turbocharged 80 series, it is very helpful to know EGT. Using this kit, you can add this feature to your Lutz Auto multigauge preventing you from having to install a bunch of seperate gauges and gauge pods in your vehicle. 


Our multigauge kits will work with any K-Type UNGROUNDED thermocouple. You are welcome to source your own or buy from us. We suggest getting a quality, name brand UNGROUNDED K-type thermocouple if sourcing your own. 


This kit comes with installation notes, but no step by step instructions. This sensor should be installed by a skilled technician. Improper installation can cause damage to turbo chargers or engines. 


Kit Includes:

Installation Notes (downloadable)

EGT K-Type Thermocouple

Spade connectors

Multigauge External EGT Sensor Kit

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