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The Lutz AutoSpeed Sensor Calibrator can calibrate your modify the signal from your speed sensor to compensate for any modification that affects the speedometer calibration (ie. tire size and gearing changes). No unnecessarily expensive digital readouts or complicated dip switches to deal with and zero latency issues.


This kit is known to be plug and play with ALL toyota 3-wire speed sensors with NO WIRING MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED. The connector for the speed sensor is shown in the photos. If your transmission or transfer case has a speed sensor with this connector, this kit will be able to modify the signal from the sensor. Please confirm that you have this connector. To our knowledge every 92+ Toyota Manual Transmission in a vehicle with an electronically controlled speedometer has a 3-wire speed sensor for the speedometer. Some automatics also have this sensor, so check to see if your vehicle is has the 3 wire speed sensor before ording. 


This calibrator works like this:

After installing, the speedometer calibrator will need to be adjusted properly by pressing the buttons. The key will need to be in the ON position (NOT ACC) while adjusting with engine OFF for safety. Each button press adjusts the speed by plus or minus 1/2%. Pressing and holding both up and down buttons for 10 seconds will reset the speed to factory setting. After adjustment is completed and the calibration is confirmed to be correct, reinstall the cap and sealing gasket.

The kit includes:

  • Lutz Auto Speedometer Correction Device
  • Sealed Case
  • Detailed Instructions (includes suggested starting point calibrations and formulas)


Disclaimer:  Lutz Auto is not responsible for miscalibration or malfunction of any speedometer.


Toyota 3 Wire Speed Sensor Calibrator/Correction Device

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