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The Lutz Auto 82-84 Porsche 928 printed circuit board replacement kit is designed to replace the no longer available and prone to failure, flexible circuit board that resides on the back of the gauge cluster. The circuit makes the connection from the vehicle wiring harness to all of the gauges and warning lights. The factory flexible circuit is notorious for tearing and nearly impossible to repair. This NEW fully redesigned replacement circuit is made from a combination of high quality hard circuit boards and wiring. The circuit boards are a much more modern design and aren't susceptible to the same issues that often plague the factory flexible circuit. 


This kit also comes with new white LED lights that consume less power, but keep a similar warm incandescent bulb look. Instructions and parts to SIGNIFICANTLY improve the illumination lighting are also included.

This kit is designed to fit all 82-84 Porsche 928 Instrument Clusters.
The kit includes:
New Modern Circuit Boards
New Indicator LED lights
New Illumination LED lights
Plugin Wiring and Zipties
Detailed Installation Instructions (downloadable)


ATTENTION: This kit reuses the 2 prong connectors used on the back of the fuel, oil, coolant, and voltage gauges. This typically isn't a problem on the 82-84 cars, but on other year 928's, Porsche used connectors with shorter prongs. With the extra thickness of the circuit board, this can make a connection issue. We have a kit below that replaces the factory 2 prong connectors with longer prongs. If you are making an international order or just want to be sure that your cluster doesn't have the short pronged connectors in it, we recommend adding the kit below to you order: 

82-84 Porsche 928 Gauge Cluster Printed Circuit Replacement

SKU: LTZ-92864197301
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